All of our classes are included in our membership. If you are not a member our class Drop In Fee is $5.

We encourage you to try all of our classes as they can be modified to fit any ability level. 



Spinning is the original and most popular group cycling class. Classes are high energy, non-impact, cardiovascular workouts that integrate music, camaraderie & visualization. Get your ultimate Spinning workout in our Spinning room dedicated solely to our Spinning classes.



Need to spice up your workout routine? Join this challenging workout that your instructor mixes up for you on a weekly basis. You will get a total body workout incorporating any of the following programs: Step, Cardio Kickboxing, Ropes, Resistance Tubing, Dumbbells, Stability Balls, Weighted Bars, and more.


Body Werk

This class will work the total body with a dance vibe and includes cardio, weights, and core work.


Cardio Funk

Get your heart pounding and define yourself.

Music will motivate the moves in this upbeat class.


Dance fusion

This is where fun meets your workout. You can easily make this class your own while you dance, laugh, and smile.

Cardio Sculpt

This class is a unique combination of cardio movements paired with strength training. Our instructor provides the fun and rhythm to this challenging and encouraging class. 


Advanced Body Conditioning (A.B.C.)

This is a beginner to intermediate strength training class. This class emphasizes the basics, making it easy to follow and fun for all ages. ABC incorporates light strength training along with aerobic style exercises and is guaranteed to provide the participant with a safe and effective total body workout

Pickles showing off our treadmill

Pickles showing off our treadmill


Cardio Mash-Up

What do you get when you fuse high-low aerobics, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and strength drills together in one class? You have the most amazing Cardio Mash-Up Party ever! Experience cardio in all sorts of ways to keep you challenged and coming back for more!   



Classes taught weekly by Sue Hanna to focus on breath work, stretching tired muscles, and improving balance. Our yoga class is the perfect companion to all of our other classes and programs


Silver Sneakers Yoga

This yoga class is designed with senior in mind. Class is primarily chair based to provide a safe enviroment for stretching and relaxation. 


Senior Fit

This is a fun and purposeful class just for seniors.  It is designed to focus on safe movement, balance, coordination, and increased mobility.


Silver Sneakers Classic

This class is a chair fitness based class to make it extremely safe and manageable for seniors and/or those with injuries that they need to rehabilitate.